Kiama Cricket Club has gone through the archives to work out the list of all 1st Grade Captains for the club in competition matches played since 1946 being when it played in the first 1st Grade Competition in the South Coast District Cricket Association. Below is the list of all players who have the honour of captaining Kiama Cricket Club's 1st Grade teams over the years.

1Col Raison22--100%1946
2Bill Longbottom371322235%1946
3Keith Young32186856%1947
4Noel Simmons1--10%1948
5John McDonald751171%1950
6Arthur Hall323152452%1951
7Leo Henry1032530%1952
8Trevor Jones41-325%1959
9Brian Holmes23133757%1961
10Alan Carson2--20%1961
11Les Jones9657152459%1962
12Max Yabsley18133272%1962
13Dennis Koks2--20%1970
14Keith Brown125-742%1975
15Jeff Quine1262450%1976
16Josh Tierney1463543%1977
17Graham Rose841350%1978
18Glynn Leyshon62-433%1978
19Ron Hall371481538%1979
20Rob Danby1--10%1981
21Colin Dodd623671958%1982
22Vince Nethery1552833%1985
23Col Wright1672744%1987
24Mike Hayes1--10%1987
25Rob White1223717%1988
26John Watts421352431%1988
27Brett Gregory251041140%1993
28David Bryant1--10%1993
29Joe Murphy93-633%1995
30Mark Brockman27951333%1996
31Darren Gregory1322915%1996
32Gary Koks1221917%1999
33Danny Sullivan227-1532%2000
34Rob Farrell4--40%2001
35Bill Peters1--10%2001
36Josh Jones62-433%2002
37Randall Starr1261550%2003
38Scott Cox144-1029%2004
39Tim Davies1--10%2004
40Matt Meurent271311348%2005
41Dale Scifleet2610-1638%2007
42Mick Norris1--10%2008
43Jaya Hartgerink562282639%2009
44Daniel Reilly13211015%2012
45Andrew Hart10-10%2014
46Matt O'Brien95-456%2014
47Nathan Barr20231311%2015
48Steve Norris10-10%2015
49Brendan Czulowski30-30%2015
50Ben Jones10100%2017
51Zac Parker1234525%2020