Kiama Cricket Club over the years has inducted 21 Life Members to the Cavalier Kingdom, all of who have showed the utmost dedication to Kiama Cricket Club over many years of service. The recipient of life membership must be an outstanding club person who has assisted in some measure or aspect, in ensuring the success of the club over 10 years combined service as a minimum. The person must also have demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to the club and goes beyond what would generally be expected of the ordinary person.

Cap #NameYear
1Harry Taylor1953
2Keith Young1956
3Bill Longbottom1969
4Alan Hopkins1971
5Trevor Jones1973
6Les Jones1975
7Bill Leyshon1977
8John Watts1998
9Rick Norris1998
10Warrick Sullivan1998
11Brian Holmes2003
12Ross Wolf2006
13Wayne Richardson2006
14Ian Pearson2007
15Bill Peters2007
16Joe Murphy2007
17Steve Hudson2013
18Nathan Barr2017
19John Dawson2020
20Mark Brockman2021
21Daniel Reilly2021