If your here, you are one of our fantastic junior coaches. Thank you very much for coaching for the Cav's. The club understands the commitment required to take on this role and would like to say a big thank you to you all for helping our kids in the best game around. 

Junior Club Contacts

Craig McCorkell: 0408 711 966

Mark Burgess: 0488 015 243

Club Facebook Page

We encourage everyone to like our Kiama Cavaliers Facebook page as this is our main way of getting information out to everyone in the club. Click below to go to our page:

Kiama Cavaliers | Facebook

Also, please send through photos, results, and significant achievements from your matches wherever possible so we can put them up on Facebook and the Club News section on our website. 

Season Draw

The draw will be put out by the South Coast District Cricket Association (SCDCA) prior to season commencement. It can be accessed via the SCDCA website http://southcoastdca.nsw.cricket.com.au/

Another way to access the draw is through the MyCricket App which can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.

Junior Formats and Rules

Junior formats are available on the SCDCA website under “SCDCA Resources/Junior Cricket”. Formats can also be accessed via the Cricket Australia (CA Junior Cricket) App.


Service NSW QR codes have been developed for each ground. You will be provided with these QR codes and all personnel are required to sign in. These QR codes and our Covid Safety Plans are available on our website (under resources) for you to access and print as you require.


Cricket NSW may require a Covid Marshall be allocated for each ground/game. If this is the case you will be provided with a Covid Marshall vest. Please allocate someone to act in this role which will assist with our compliance to Public Health orders. We will provide you with the requirements from Cricket NSW so that this information can be provided to any personnel who does not wish to comply. At the end of the day it is about everyone’s safety so if need be, just remove your kids from the risk and we can deal with the SCDCA later in regards to why this has occurred. We certainly don’t expect anyone to have to deal with any aggrevation.

At this stage all personnel with direct involvement with the kids including coach, Manager, umpires, spectators are required to be double vaccinated for Covid 19 until 01 December 21. 

Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provide with your kit bag. Please make these available at each training and game and let me know if you need replacements.

We have asked (where possible) if kids can have their own equipment so we can avoid sharing of equipment. If this is not possible please let me know and I will see if we have some spare kits that can be loaned for the season.

Each junior kit should have two pair of wicket keeping gloves which can be used by both wicketkeepers on the day. Please leave these gloves in the sun during the week and spray with Glen 20 if possible.

Cricket NSW have mandated that high fives and close wicket celebrations are not allowed. This is very hard to maintain given the excitement around a wicket however please do your best. With the younger teams I use a wicket celebration dance that generally gets a laugh, with the older teams you may have to develop some sort of teenage sullen movement that conveys happiness for the wicket but also gives the “I’m still cool vibe”.

Child Protection

This season Kiama Cricket Club is implementing the child safety policy and code recommended by Cricket Australia for local clubs. You will need to:

  1. Read and implement the Code of Conduct
  2. Sign the Acknowledgment regarding the Code and forward to Mark Burgess markburgess@iinet.net.au
  3. Obtain a NSW Working with Children Check and forward your number and expiry date to Mark Burgess (or the Child Safety Officer when appointed). A guide showing you how to apply is included below.
  4. Report any concerns about child welfare to the Child Safety Officer
  5. Undertake the Play By The Rules - Child Protection and Safeguarding course (approx. 15mins duration) and forward a certificate to the Child Safety Officer



Oh yes, the dreaded scoring. We find it easier to try and share the scoring around, this way parents get the opportunity to help out but also days when they can just watch. On occasions there is a parent who loves to score each week, whatever works for you. Here are a couple of links that may help you and your scorers with the process.

How to score a Stage 1 Game (Under 11's)

How to score - Cricket Australia

Once the game is complete, the scores need to be entered into Mycricket. https://mycricketadmin.cricket.com.au/ 

You will be provided with access to do this.

Please find attached a guide to entering scores into MyCricket. For first timers this can be a confusing process however many of us have experience with this so please reach out if needed.

Entering Teams and Scores on MyCricket

Generally the SCDCA like the scores to be in by the end of the weekend.

Coaching Resources

Cricket Australia have a website that you can create a login and see what resources they have for coaching. The site also has some extra coaching course and pathway guidance.


Generally CA like our coaches to be certified as Level 1 coaches and in years without Covid they have free face to face sessions on a local ground, however this may be difficult this year so we will keep you updated. Here is the link to see what courses are available. https://www.community.cricket.com.au/coach/courses (press Launch Learning and login).

CA have an App called “CA Coach App” this has guidance, training suggestions and videos. 


At the start of the season, you can select when and where you would like to train (first in best dressed). The venue for training is required to be one of the grounds that are within the clubs list of home grounds. At grounds where there is a centre wicket and nets, you can have two separate teams train at the same time and just swap each week. This is to be arranged between the two coaches to suit that week’s training requirements.

At stages throughout the season, the club may run an academy style training session on a weekend. Senior players of the club run the kids through all aspects of the game using specific skills stations. This will be advertised on the clubs Facebook page.


Playing clothing is to be mainly all white with a Kiama Cavaliers current playing shirt, baseball cap or wide brimmed hat. These can eventually be purchased through our online club shop - https://kiama-cricket-club.square.site/ if they are not on the club shop, they can be purchased at one of the many clothing purchase days run by the club. This will be advertised on the club Facebook page notifying the date and location.

Training clothing is also available and can be purchased using the same process.

It is recommended by the club that all players have their own gear/equipment for hygiene reasons. The club likes to minimize the sharing of equipment where possible, however if a child requires some equipment please let myself or Mark Burgess know so we can try and provide them with the equipment for the length of the season.

Other Information

Here is another link for the Junior Coaching Resources presentation for junior team coaching at the Cavs:

KCC Coaches Info

This is a few years old but still has a heap of good info that may help you.